Avon Bridge Co.

Windsor, Hants, NS, Canada
Business Category: Civil Engineering
Products: Bridges
Dates Founded: circa 1836
Remarks: Built a covered bridge over the Avon River in 1836; charged 2 cents for passengers, 25 cents for carriages and teams. The bridge burned in 1892 and was replaced with a public iron structure. In 1847, the Directors were: Hon. Thos. C. Haliburton (President); Benj. Dewolf; W.H. Shey; Hon. L.M. Wilkins, Jr.; Harry King (Secretary-Treasurer). In 1868, the Directors were: B.D. Fraser (President); Thos. Curren; S.G. Black; E.W. Dimock; W.H. Blanchard; G.P. Payzant (Secretary-Treasurer). The 1881 Census - Windsor (division 1) records a bridge builder.
Remarks Source: 1. Belcher's Farmer's Almanack 1847 Halifax. 2. McAlpine's Gazetteer, 1868. 3. 1881 Census - Windsor (division 1).