Robt. A. Brehm & Co.

1 Maitland Street
4 Maitland Street (1863); Bedford Row corner of Prince St (1870/71)
Halifax, Halifax, NS, Canada
Business Category: Soap and Toiletries, Accessories
Products: soap, candles, tallow
Dates Founded: before 1858
Remarks: Robt. A. Brehm was referred to as a tallow chandler as well as a soap and candle manufacturer. In Nugent's Directory (1858/59) mention is made of a B.C. Brehm of 1 Maitland Street and later (1863) 4 Maitland Street is listed for Robt. A. Brehm, tallow chandler. By 1873/74, Brehm is listed at Willow Park, Windsor Road with no occupation.
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