Gates' Piano & Organ Co. Ltd.

Truro, Colchester, NS, Canada
Business Category: Musical Instruments
Additional Information: ware rooms at 120 Granville Street, Halifax
Products: Pianos, church & parlour organs, music stools, music racks
Dates Founded: before 1872
Remarks: The factory was located in Truro, while the ware rooms were in Halifax. In 1880 prices for the organs were $60-$300, and pianos cost $70-$500. Special discounts were offered to clergymen, churches, societies and teachers. The company received numerous awards, including a Diploma & prize medal at the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia, four provincial prizes - Yarmouth 1872, 1873 & 1879, and Halifax 1879. They advertised to "encourage home manufacture & keep the money in the country".
Remarks Source: 1. McAlpine's Halifax City Directories. 1884-1900. 2. NSM Billheads - Advert 1883.