Lewis Ltd.

Business Category: Textile Milling
Remarks: Lewis Ltd., sold the products of Eastern Hoisery Mills, Eastern Hat and Cap (see entry) and Eastern Shirts. Employees came from many countries -- Germany, England, USA (especially North Carolina) and Czechoslovakia. In the basement of one of the buildings there was a Shoddy Department where waste from the other operations was spun into coarse yarn. The Number 2 Mill, a spinning mill, was added north of the original building around 1939/40 and was connected to the original by a catwalk. During World War II, wool and wool/synthetic blend knitting yarns were manufactured. Eastern Felt Co. was built in the later 1940s and was owned 50/50 by Charles Lewis and Merrimac (Canada) Ltd. It operated independent of Lewis Ltd., and sold felt hat shapes in Ontario and Quebec. After the death of George Lewis (1862-1949), who had been an investor in Eastern Hat and Cap (see entry), Frank Lewis (1889-1961) became the head of Lewis Ltd., whilst his brother, Charles (1904-19?) started his own company, Federal Products Ltd.
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