Support Us

Help preserve Nova Scotia's rich history. Museums across the province depend on generous contributions from dedicated volunteers and community members. Contact your local museum to see what opportunities there are for you.

Canadian Heritage

Support from the Museum Assistance Program (MAP) has been crucial in making NovaMuse a reality. Most recently, MAP funding has allowed for the redesign of NovaMuse. MAP was paired with provincial funding to support the migration of 52 databases to CollectiveAccess and the initial design and development of NovaMuse. Over the years, MAP has contributed funding for data cleaning, professional development workshops, on-site visits, and support staff.

From 2006 – 2010 the Association of Nova Scotia Museums (ANSM) worked with the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) on collections development projects. Participating museums selected artifacts to be researched and photographed, resulting in over 2000 enhanced records. CHIN also provided support through Young Canada Works, enabling ANSM to hire recent graduates to learn more about heritage careers and support community museums in their collections work.

Communities, Culture & Heritage

The Strategic Development Initiative (SDI) has provided support for data cleaning, on-site visits and remote assistance by support staff, as well as the migration of databases and development of NovaMuse. SDI supplied the initial funding to assist community museums in the standardization of their collections practices through the development of a basic database system and equipment bulk purchases. Support from the Nova Scotia government through this department has been received annually since 2002, and in recent years has been paired with MAP funding.

Association of Nova Scotia Museums

The Association of Nova Scotia Museums (ANSM) is a registered non-profit organisation that supports NovaMuse as part of its core service to members. The Advisory Service which undertakes the lead in NovaMuse administration and development is used by members on a subscription basis and ANSM provides overall management and administrative support for the work. The Information Management & Access Committee (IMAC), comprised of volunteer regional representatives, works with the ANSM staff members to ensure that the Advisory Service is meeting the needs of participating institutions.

Interested in sponsoring a NovaMuse special project? Contact the Association of Nova Scotia Museums to learn more.